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Construction Cost Consultants is a privately owned firm of Professional Quantity Surveyors providing a unique variety of services from the front end, including partnering and procurement, strategy and advice, project monitoring, management and training and seminars, as well as a host of dispute resolution services.

Our core services

Request For A Quantity Surveyor From Your Bank?

Construction Cost Consultants work with a range of organisations in the capacity of Quantity Surveyor. One of the most prominent is working with Banks supporting the funding process of new properties or developments. If you require a bank requested QS for you project please click below to contact us for a full range of support and experience we can provide to you and your financial institution.

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Development Appraisal

If you are planning to build we can help. Our experts can show the costs and risks of development and produce reports on feasibility, viability and likely timescales.

Whether a project would return a profit or not. Whether it attracts debt funding or not. Whether it is simply affordable. These are questions that require answers at a very early stage. If a project is not viable the sooner that is known the less time and money is wasted. We can help determine what building investment choices carry low, medium and high risk.

We are skilled an experienced in quantifying construction risk and predicting out turn budgets. We can help prepare funding applications, investment prospectus and other financial reports detailing the cost of construction.

We have experience of residential, commercial, retail, community buildings, healthcare schemes, office accommodation, fit out and warehousing. Our staff have a pooled knowledge which covers all types of construction ranging from new build PPP district hospitals costing billions, through to roads of national importance again costing billions. Along the way our staff have delivered supermarkets, apartment complexes, prisons, public galleries, industrial facilities, housing and many others.

Construction Budgets

For a client where cost is important we can provide budgets and breakdowns. We can track costs from concept to final account and produce advice and reports to keep a scheme on track and stop blowouts.In the last two

In the last two years we have produced over 14,000 cost estimates across New Zealand. From domestic repairs to large commercial developments. Across New Zealand we have produced around 5,200 schedules of priced quantities and conducted due diligence on over 600 contractors and suppliers. This knowledge base provides Construction Cost Consultants with accurate up to the minute market information for predicting costs and analyzing submissions.Benchmarking against our extensive cost base we can see where aspects of a scheme tender are overpriced and challenge contractors pre-contract. We can use our experience to offer alternative better value solutions.

Benchmarking against our extensive cost base we can see where aspects of a scheme tender are overpriced and challenge contractors pre-contract. We can use our experience to offer alternative better value solutions.

Nothing is more important in this area than providing early warnings. We are able to see problems on the horizon and address them before they crystalize because we:

  • Know the industry inside out
  • Have many years of broad experience
  • understand all the drivers behind behavior along the supply chain
  • Have first hand knowledge of the second and third tier of subcontractors who actually do the work.

We provide a ‘no surprises’ policy. We will work closely with the other team members in a collaborative seamless way. It’s not about waiting for issues to materialize and then acting. It’s about using experience and knowledge to search out potential issues and raise them before the contractors, designers or stakeholders. To do this you often need to the ability to put yourself in the shoes of the contractor. For that you need training and we stand out in this area

Project Management

Pulling together all the threads of a project is not easy. If you need an expert to drive the process, co-ordinate all the key players and make sure you get what you want then we can help

Project Management is all about knowing what the Client wants and bringing all the other consultants, contractors, suppliers and stakeholders along the path that leads to realizing those objectives.

In this field are we can provide professional robust leadership backed by in depth technical knowledge, experience and formal qualifications.

Developing the project brief in clear and unambiguous terms. Helping to appoint and brief the other consultants. Ensuring that there are no gaps in services levels. Controlling and documenting the flow of information. Planning the whole development cycle from inceptions to completion and beyond into service.

We can communicate with key stakeholders and produce detailed reports on progress rich in content and yet in a format that people can easily comprehend.


You have your plans, now you need a builder, a supplier or a specialist subcontractor. We can put together the contract documents and run a competitive tender and get the best price from quality builders and make sure that down the line there are no surprises.

The procurement route can have a major effect on cost certainty. The range of procurement models spans from PPP to traditional and no one method of procurement suits all projects. Whether the client wants a pure form of D&C to maximize innovation and value for money or a traditional architecture led contract in order to have a more hands on approach. From our perspective, being experts in both alternatives we can advise on the merits and pitfalls of either and all the variant alternatives in between.

The key to cost certainty is getting the tender right and we can do this because our staff bring experience gained from across the world and because we have decades of experienced in different procurement models. We understand the contractor’s estimating process and how to develop and present tenders to obtain a wide range of highly competitive bidding. Lack of clarity and uneconomic risk transfer often lead to wide variance in contractor’s tenders and a reluctance to price work. Our involvement will result in lower variance between bid prices. A higher number of competitive bids returned and the lack of dispute about the nature of works.

At an early stage in our commission we would discuss with the client their preference for risk balancing and the implications with respect to cost certainty, control and the level of design. Typically we would develop the tender documentation and provide continuity right through the scheme and beyond.

Cost Management

Construction projects can run for weeks, months and sometimes years. Throughout the contract we can ensure your project remains on track. That interim payments are correctly valued and certified. That extras are properly managed and that when the work are finished the final account matches the predicted cost to complete.

Our process is to create, from day one, a cost plan on the same format as full Bill of Quantities. We then continuously refine and detail this document as the design develops. The format can either be that of a Bill of Quantities to NZS 4202 or to the RICS New Rules of Measurement 2.

What this means is that we can issue this updated document after every design team meeting. We like to be hands on right through the process rather than just coming in at the end of each phase and we find it’s just as easy for us to maintain a running total and advise the rest of the team, real time, as the job moves forward. It also means we avoid having to rework a cost plan later to get in scheme on budget.

At any point we can provide the Client with an up to date cost/value account and an estimated cost to complete.

Because our staff have this broader experience they have a better understanding of ‘buildability’, the cost and need for temporary works. They are better at assessing the implications of variations. This gives Construction Cost Consultants a distinct advantage.

Contract Management

Managing a construction contract involves dealing with people and we are expert at that. It also requires getting all the paperwork right. Checking progress, assessing quality, dealing with the queries and documenting changes.

As the works progress we would measure and agree with the Contractor values of instructions / variations to the contract, and alongside the Client negotiate claims related to extensions of time, acceleration and other Contractor claims.

We continually asses risk and produce reports with analysis and mitigation options.

Every month we would prepare a tracker showing the status and cost of agreed variations and estimated cost an impact of any outstanding variations.

Interim or staged payments are the norm in the industry and we would draft payment schedules and valuation recommendations in accordance with the terms of the construction contract.

We provide the client with the likely cost and time implications of changes or new information and manage any contingency or provisional sums.

Dispute Resolution

Not every job runs smoothly. When you have a problem we can be there to help you reach a resolution. Whether you need mediation, adjudication or expert witness support during a claims process, we can help.

Our Consultants have provided expert witness reports and testimony on many subjects including disruption, constructive acceleration, delay analysis, critical path analysis and loss and expense. With international experience in both construction and engineering, we are able to provide invaluable support to court and arbitration proceedings in simple terms that can be understood by all participants involved. Hopefully these services will not be required however having those skills to hand and proceeding with our work with the level of discipline required to substantiate a case is an important deterrent.

Construction Firms, Subcontractors and Suppliers

  • Secondment of commercial staff including project specific quantity surveyors for short, medium or long term
  • Assistance with preparation, negotiation and settlement of variation and final accounts
  • Preparation of claims for extension of time and loss and expense
  • Dispute avoidance and resolution advice (one hour’s consultation is offered free of charge to clients who consider they are in dispute)
  • Preparation of referral and defence documentation in respect of adjudication
  • In-house training
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Building Owners and Funding Organisations

  • Procurement advice, strategy and management including drafting contract documentation
  • Lean Construction Techniques and implementation including Best Value and Strategic Delivery
  • PQS Services including Cost v Value Management, Program Management and Project Controls
  • Construction Management, Risk Management, Program Management and Project Controls
  • Dispute Managment
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Litigation Support Services

  • Technical Reports
  • Preparation of claims in respect of Quantum
  • Preparation of claims in respect of Delay and Disruption
  • Expert Witness Reports and Determination
  • Technical Assistance in Adjudication and Conciliation meetings
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