Quantity Surveyor for Banks & Funders

Request for a Quantity Surveyor from your funder?

We work with funders to support the funding process of new properties and developments. If your funder has requested a Quantity Surveyor for your project, CCC have the experience and offer a full range of support to provide to you and your financial institution.

If you are planning to build we can help. Our experts can show the costs and risks of the development and produce reports on feasibility, viability and likely timescales.

We are skilled and experienced in quantifying construction risk and forecasting budgets. We can help prepare financial backup for funding applications, feasibility studies and other financial reports detailing the cost of construction.

We have experience of single and multi-unit residential, commercial, retail, community buildings, healthcare schemes, office accommodation, fit out, warehousing, leisure complexes, stadia and all types of civil works. Our staff have a pooled knowledge which covers all types of construction ranging from new build PPP (Public Private Partnership) district hospitals, through to roads of national importance.

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