Litigation Support Services

  • Technical Reports
  • Preparation of claims in respect of Quantum
  • Preparation of claims in respect of Delay¬†and Disruption
  • Expert Witness Reports and Determination
  • Technical Assistance in Adjudication and¬†Conciliation meetings

Litigation Support Services Expert Determination and Technical Reports

Our Consultants have provided Expert Witness Reports and Testimony on many subjects including Disruption, Constructive Acceleration, Delay Analysis, Critical Path Analysis and loss and expense. With international experience in both construction and engineering, we are able to provide invaluable support to court and arbitration proceedings in simple terms that can be understood by all participants involved.

Preparation of Claims for Extemnsion of Time and Loss and Expense

Despite the best will of a contractor, it is sometimes difficult to address the real issues of why a project went wrong and put it in writing. Where project staff are no longer available, this can prove even more difficult to document causation and effect. By the time the legal team are instructed, the facts are sometimes lost, leaving the legal team wholly reliant on advice from the contractor and sketchy information. Our consultants have years of experience analysing contract data and records in order to establish the true facts as to why a project was delayed and went over budget. We have prepared claims for extensions of time and loss and expense from $200 to $2 billion on behalf of

many contractors and subcontractors including building, civil engineering, mechanical and electrical, joinery and other specialist firms. Projects range from housing developments to airports, transportation systems and process plants.

Assistance in Adjudication and Conciliation Proceedings

In a large and complex dispute, it is often valuable to have some technical assistance during meetings to add support to proceedings and provide advice on quantum and analysis. Our consultants have a wealth of experience providing litigation support services in various proceedings including valuing variations and contra charges, assessing critical delay, provision of advice on disruption, causation, constructive acceleration as well as having in depth knowledge of the workings of most forms of contract.

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