COVID-19 – Level 3 Protocol

Under Level 3 Lockdown we will be carrying out commercial surveys in the Auckland and Bay of Plenty Regions. If you have any rebuild survey requirements at all please contact us to discuss.

Semi Isolation of Surveyors

  • The Surveyors will conduct an Issues/Actions video meeting every workday prior to commencing;
  • All Surveyors will work from home or their vehicles;
  • When conducting onsite surveys they will adhere to a 3m+ exclusion zone from all other people;
  • There will be no sharing of vehicles between Surveyors;
  • If our Staff feel unwell, they will stay home.

Office Limitations 

  • The head office will only have maximum 3 people in the office at one time, adhering to 3m+ exclusion zone;
  • Office Staff will be split between home office and head office only;
  • Meetings can be scheduled for Telephone or Video Conference;
  • There will be no team meetings, BBQs, training or other gatherings to be conducted face-to-face.

Survey Limitations  

  • We will only be conducting Commercial surveys during Level 3. No Residential surveys;
  • We will only be carrying out site surveys within the Auckland and Bay of Plenty Regions.


  • We can still receive deliveries at the office – social distancing and PPE will be required during Level 3.


  • Surveyors will wear masks, gloves and use hand sanitiser while carrying out surveys;
  • Gloves/face masks will be used when fueling vehicles and hands sanitised when returning to the vehicle;
  • PPE will be supplied to every team member, this will include but is not limited to face masks, gloves, hand sanitiser/soap. Please use this!
  • Hand sanitiser should be applied when entering/leaving the office and prior to and after attending a meeting/interactions.


  • We will still have our regular cleaners coming into the office on a Wednesday and the Weekend;
  • Additionally, everyone is required to clean down their own work station on a daily basis – inc vehicles.

Contact Tracing  

  • A log will be kept of all site surveys attended;
  • A log will be kept of all delivery drivers that come to the office. Our team will follow the Ministry of Health contact-tracing guidelines to collect and store all visitor details.


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