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Dunedin Projects

Construction Cost Consultants is a privately owned firm of Professional Quantity Surveyors providing a unique variety of services from the front end, including partnering and procurement, strategy and advice, project monitoring, management and training and seminars, as well as a host of dispute resolution services throughout Dunedin and the rest of mainland New Zealand.

Plaza Building


The University Plaza Building is a three-storey complex comprising gymnasiums, offices, seminar rooms and a café. All united by a glazed atrium. Oamaru Stone, concrete and glass are the predominant materials in this building. Attention to detail was particularly important for the high-quality Oamaru stone façade. To add to this project, critical deadlines were placed on this project associated with the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

Overall project works totalled $59.6m. These were divided into separate contracts including retro-fitting base isolation, repairing damage and overall strengthening.  The works were completed on time and $1.5m under budget, thanks in part to our Quantity Surveying processes.


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