Body Corporate Rebuild Valuation for Insurance Purposes

A Body Corporate Rebuild Valuation from a professional QS practice is the only way to ensure an accurate sum insured figure for your commercial property insurance policy.

A member of our professional Quantity Surveying team will carry out your site inspection, which involves a full measure and itemisation of the construction of the property. The final report is then issued directly to you within five working days of the inspection.

Fill in the form below to request a rebuild valuation for a Body Corporate property. We will contact you with a quote within two working days.

What are the changes to insurance provisions?

For some time, many homes in New Zealand have been insured for an unspecified replacement cost. From 01 July 2013, homeowners will be asked to state the dollar amount they want to insure their home for, in much the same way as they insure their contents, up to a maximum amount.

When do these changes take effect?

From the 01 July 2013, or from the renewal date of your insurance following the 01 July 2013.

How will this affect me?

The change to insuring a home up to a maximum specified amount will affect most homeowners and will apply to all types of homes – townhouses, terraced houses or free-standing. If you own an apartment in a body corporate situation, your home may well already be insured up to a maximum specified amount. You will need to submit an Insurance Rebuild Valuation Certificate to your insurer every two years.

What are my options?

1) Estimate the sum yourself or accept the figure that your insurer will estimate using a basic calculation with the information they currently hold. This exposes the homeowner to being grossly over or under insured as there are a significant number of factors to be considered when estimating rebuild costs.

2) Use a free online calculator. These calculators use historical data and information input by the homeowner to provide a m² estimate with no guarantee or warranty should the generic information be incorrect.

3) Obtain a professional quantity surveyor estimate. Using the services of a professional quantity surveyor from a recognised body reduces the risk of getting it wrong. Reputable quantity surveying practices have professional indemnity insurance cover and are backed by leading insurance providers to give you peace of mind.

Why should I not use m² rates?

The likely cost of rebuilding your home can be affected by many factors, such as age, size, location, quality, slope, retaining walls, drainage, demolition and alterations. Using industry standard m² rates may give an inaccurate figure or fail to reflect the unique features of your home, potentially leaving you under-insured in the event of a loss.Why should I not use m² rates?

Why do special features affect my rebuild cost?

If you have done major renovations to your home, if your property is on a sloping section or at the end of a narrow ROW, if you have a swimming pool or other special features, these items must be taken into account as the cost to deal with their rebuild can be significant.

Free online calculators do not estimate the cost of rebuilding any special features your home or property may have. They can only provide an indicative rebuilding cost based on the answers given to the questions asked. So, if the calculator does not ask a particular question about your home, it will not be included in the figure it calculates.

What are special features?

Swimming pools, spa pools and other recreational features, Decks, verandas, patios, Driveways and paths, Sheds, garages and fences, Landscaping, pergolas and garden features, Retaining walls, Anything non-standard which may affect the value of your home.

What could happen if I get it wrong?

Inaccurate estimates place homeowners at risk of being grossly over or under-insured. Should you be over-insured, you stand to pay too much in premiums than is necessary. Should you be under-insured, you may not be able to rebuild your home to the same standard in the event of a total loss.

As a homeowner, it is imperative to estimate with the highest level of accuracy what it could cost to rebuild your home, and then insuring it for that amount, providing you with a more clearly defined value and peace of mind.

Does your valuation include costs for fees, consents and demolition?

Yes. Our reports include a breakdown of the total estimate – so you can see how we have allowed for costs like professional fees and demolition.

What should be included in the actual cost to rebuild my house?

An estimated cost of rebuilding should take into account the likely cost of replacing your home on its current site based on its present size, standard and type of construction, together with any other specifications and special features.

It should also include the demolition and removal of debris, site preparation, professional fees and compliance costs – in other words, everything that would need to happen if you were to rebuild your home. Inflation should also be considered as the price for many of these things can change during the year. Professional quantity surveyors can estimate the cost of all these elements with the highest level of precision.

How will this affect my insurance premiums?

Depending on your insurer, the change to sum insured won’t necessarily affect the premium you pay for your cover. The home insurance premium increases currently taking effect reflect several factors including the escalating cost of reinsurance (to NZ insurers) as well as rising construction costs. We suggest engaging an insurance broker to find and obtain the right policy for your circumstances.

Will this affect my CV rating with Council?

Not at this time. All information provided is confidential and is covered by the Data Protection Act.

Why use CCC?

We are a professional Quantity Surveying practice that has provided rebuild estimates to over 20,000 properties within New Zealand in the last six years.

We are New Zealand owned and operated with services covering the whole country.

We do not use generic m² calculator-type estimates to provide you with your valuation.

Unlike free calculators available online, we are backed by Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Our insurance valuations are guaranteed accurate and accepted by all insurance providers.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you obtain the most accurate sum insured possible for your home or property.


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